Norfolk Family
History Society

The Norfolk Family History Society is registered with the Information Commissioner's Office for the purpose of Data Protection. The Society holds certain information about its members in its database and paper records in accordance with the following Privacy Notice

Privacy Notice – Personal Information about our Members

As Trustees of the Norfolk Family History Society (“Society”) we need to collect certain personal information about our members.  This Privacy Notice sets out how we collect and use; and protect your personal information and your rights in relation to your information.

Personal information is information or a combination of pieces of information that could reasonably allow you to be identified.

1.      Personal information that we use

We will only hold or collect personal information about you that has been collected directly from you and that is necessary to manage your Society membership.

1. 1.          What information may we collect directly from you?

The categories of personal information that we collect directly from you include:

      a.          Personal details (e.g. Your name and address, and email address);

      b.          Your contact details (e.g. Your address, phone number and email address);

      c.          Your declaration that you pay sufficient UK income tax to comply with current UK tax authorities (“HMRC”) regulations for Gift Aid tax relief.

Whilst we do not collect your bank details we may see some of your details, e.g., as may be indicated on cheques received, Bankers Order requests and similar.

1. 2.          How will we use your personal information and why?

The ways in which we use your information include:

      a.          Communicating with you;

      b.          Identifying you when updating your membership details when requested by you;

      c.          Processing your membership payments;

      d.          Sending the Society magazine to you when you have elected to have a hard copy magazine;

      e.          Ensuring we can claim Gift Aid tax relief.

1. 3.          Our lawful basis for holding and processing your personal data

We must have a lawful basis to use your personal information including:

      a.          To meet our legitimate interests in effectively managing your membership with the Society;

      b.          To meet the HMRC regulations in respect of Gift Aid payments;

      c.          Where explicit consent has been given by you.

2.      Information Sharing

Your personal information will be treated as confidential and we will not share it with any other organisation, society, company or other member with the exception of the UK tax authorities (HMRC) in respect of Gift Aid payments or where we have obtained your prior explicit consent.


3.      Data Security and Storage

We have in place security measures to protect the security of your personal information and to keep it confidential and secure whether in electronic format or hard copy.  These measures are reviewed regularly to ensure they remain robust and appropriate.  We cannot however, guarantee the security of any third-party applications, such as internet browsers, that you may use when transmitting any data to us.

All of our volunteers receive training on the importance of respecting members’ information and we restrict access to only those individuals who absolutely need it. 


Where we need a third party to help us deliver our services, such as a printer to print magazines, we set up contracts with them so that they legally agree to receive, store and destroy data securely.  These suppliers are audited regularly and are legally bound to never sell personal information or use it for any purpose other than for what the Society requires. 

We will keep your personal data for at least as long as you remain a member of the Society.  When deciding how long to keep your personal data after your membership has expired we take into account our legal obligations, including any UK tax authority requirement and is generally in accordance with the following:

Member’s personal and contact details

1 year after leaving the Society

Member’s Gift Aid details

7 years after leaving the Society


4.        Your Rights

Whilst we believe we have a lawful basis for the collection and use of your personal information strictly in accordance with the contents of this Privacy Notice you have rights regarding your personal data, including to access, correct or delete it or restrict its use.  This can be carried out in part online through the Society website where you can change your preferences or you may exercise any of these rights by making application in writing to the Society stating the reasons for the request.

5.      Policy Changes

It may be necessary to make changes to this policy from time to time and in this case you will be advised accordingly of any revised version.

6.      Contact details etc.

      a.          Any queries or notifications you may have should be addressed to the Data Protection Officer, Norfolk Family History Society, Kirby Hall, St Giles Street, Norwich NR2 1LS or by email to [email protected].

      b.          If you believe we have not resolved any query or concern with respect to the protection of your data you can complain to the Information Commissioner’s Office, Wycliffe House, Water Lane, Wilmslow, Cheshire, SK9 5AF.  Further advice can be found online at

      c.          Please advise us if your personal information changes or if you think the information we hold is out of date.

For general enquiries regarding the Society, please write to -

NFHS Enquiries,
Kirby Hall,
70 St Giles,
Alternatively e-mail [email protected]