Norfolk Family
History Society

Privacy and Data Protection

The Norfolk Family History Society (NFHS) holds data about its members to facilitate necessary administration.
Member names and addresses are used for mailing the Norfolk Ancestor Journal, and if necessary for contacting the member.
Member's name, address and membership number are published once in the NFHS’s quarterly journal, the Norfolk Ancestor.
Member's name, postal address and e-mail are held on the NFHS server to facilitate amending details.
Member's name and e-mail address are used to create online access to the NFHS website and to Norfolk Online Record Search (NORS).
Postal addresses are not displayed on the NFHS website.

Members registering themselves for 'Members Interests' thereby provide authorisation for their details, either e-mail or postal address, to be exchanged when requested by others with similar surname interests. New interests are included once, in the Norfolk Ancestor Journal.
Other than the initial Norfolk Ancestor Journal entry, and anything authorised relating to member’s interests, personal details are available on a limited basis to officers of the NFHS and are not provided to anyone else within.the society or to third parties.

For financial transactions performed via online forms, the Society uses Sage Pay to manage the buyer's financial details, passing the transaction over to the secure Sage Pay website. Consequently the Society neither sees nor stores any financial data such as credit card numbers.

Postal and telephone requests are not supported by use of credit card. Postal requests are accepted only when accompanied by cheque payment.

Data Protection

The Norfolk Family History Society (NFHS) is registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office for the purpose of Data Protection. The Society holds certain information about its members in its database and paper records. This data comes from, or relates to: -

* response and application forms, correspondence or other communication.
* registration with the NFHS website and with NORS.
* purchase of merchandise, books, CDs, etc.
* general information that is in the public domain.

The Society may use this information for administration and notification of Society services.
It may also be used to keep members informed about the work of the Society as well as different ways in which members can help, attend organised events and purchase goods.
Any member preferring to not be contacted for any or all of these reasons can opt out of receiving such information by informing the society accordingly.
Members have the right to request a copy of their personal information held by the society, for which there is a small fee of £10.00 to cover administrative costs and to ensure that maximum resources of the Society go to genealogical activities. Any inaccuracies reported to the society will be corrected.

For general enquiries regarding the Society, please write to -

NFHS Enquiries,
Kirby Hall,
70 St Giles,
Alternatively e-mail [email protected]