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Family Pedigrees are distinct from Family Trees.  These often contain a written account of an Ancestral or Family line, describing an ancestor's origin in addition to the usual family tree showing the descent to individual branches of a family from a common root ancestor.

The Pedigrees listed here have been extracted from printed books and files, etc. held by the Society, including our own Genealogy Series (published under the Society's former name, the Norfolk & Norwich Genealogical Society). The list incorporates the many Pedigrees which people have kindly donated to the Society, in the same way as Family Trees have been submitted.

Please note that these Pedigrees are available to view only at Kirby Hall Library and not online. 
Pedigrees may be viewed by members by consulting the respective Books at Kirby Hall. Copies can be obtained (depending on the size of the material) at the Library or (a service for Members only) by writing to: Judith Parks, Norfolk Family History Society, at Kirby Hall or email:[email protected]

In addition to Pedigrees, the Society provides a searchable database of Family Trees held at Kirby Hall, to help members with their family history research.

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Family Pedigree Shelves at Kirby Hall Library
Family Pedigree shelves in the library