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Wednesday, June 12, 2024 13:00 Bring Your Family History Back To Life Family history is addictive. But if your family tree has stalled then this talk should provide the inspiration you need to add new life back into it. Our Editor, Alan Harper, and Secretary, Richard Ashberry, look at ways you can reignite your tree, with easy-to-use techniques to place your ancestors in the context of time and place. In this fully illustrated talk, Richard reviews some resources and Alan takes us through the life story of two people from his own family history. Handouts will be available for 'in-person' attendees. In person at Norfolk Record Office, Norwich and online. Please book in advance for free at (scroll down the page to the event details)
Thursday, June 20, 2024 19:00 Leave no stone unturned – the lives and burial places of the famous and infamous. by John Vigar This lecture looks at the burial place of the famous and infamous and uses their gravestones or memorials as a starting place for an investigation into their lives. Subjects range from Florence Nightingale to Jerome K Jerome and all sorts in between. It is a lively and amusing presentation with portraits, houses, churches, and objects helping us to explore the theme of social history. As well as the well- known subjects, John Vigar has added some people who he feels should be better known – and each of the people in thelecture has a story to tell. NFHS ZOOM TALK - Free for members. Zoom will open to members 5 mins prior to talk – commencement time of 19.00hrs This talk will not be recorded.

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