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What's Available

The number of records on NORS now exceed 3 Million! (August 2014)
Would you like to help with transcribing the next million? Contact us now.

A list of all records currently uploaded to NORS, also showing the most recent additions, can be viewed in PDF format, downloaded and printed - See under 'Browse Records' on NORS home page.

A full search of the Parish Records and Monumental Inscriptions held and uploaded to NORS by the Norfolk Family History Society is available to NFHS members only, however, non-members may view the index which shows those records that are currently available.

NFHS members have online access to Norfolk Parish Register Transcripts and Monumental Inscriptions but eventually it is hoped to provide additional material currently available at the Society's Kirby Hall library in Norwich.

This does not necessarily mean there is full coverage of all years for all types of transcripts for these parishes. This is an ongoing project and it is not possible to set an end date. We are reliant on volunteers to transcribe and check data, print the transcribed data, add the data to our electronic database held at Kirby Hall and finally, to check and upload it to the website. In addition we have to set-up, and amend, email addresses for new and existing members - and this is just one aspect of the Society's activities. If you feel you could help us in ANY way please contact or in writing to The Secretary c/o Kirby Hall address

The Data

NORS contains the records for Banns, Baptisms, Burials and Marriages and Monumental Inscriptions. Not all details will be available for all parishes. Where a surname contains BLANK? the reason for this is usually listed in the notes. A "?" in any of the records usually indicates that the record is illegible or was not given. If a particular record cannot be found it may be worthwhile widening the search by selecting the VARIANTS option or by entering just a few letters of the surname.

Before 1752, in most English Church Registers, Lady Day 25th March marked the beginning of the year. Therefore, dates from January 1st to March 24th were recorded as for the previous year so for exanple registers show December 1647 followed by January, February and March 1647. In 1752 Parliament adopted the Gregorian Calendar stipulating that the day after 31.12.1751 be followed by 01.01.1752 and the 2nd September 1752 should be followed by 14th September 1752.

Transcripts of dates before 1752 usually adopt the method of showing the January to March 24th dates as, say, 1747/48 with the latter denoting the proper Calendar Year. However, some of the NFHS Transcripts do not. Advice would be to assume that a January - March 24th Date is of the year following the one given unless there is a note to state otherwise; (i.e. some Transcripts have turned the Register into Chronological order).


Transcripts are made from handwritten and sometimes ancient, faded or damaged parish records; individual entries may be difficult to read leading to a "best guess", BLANK? or ? entered into the transcript. Likewise monumental inscription wording may be damaged by weathering, algae, lichen or plant growth.
Whilst every effort is made to ensure accuracy of the NFHS transcripts, errors may occur, therefore transcripts should be treated as a good resource to be confirmed by additional research. 

Researchers finding parish record errors should report them by emailing the details to or in writing to NORS Transcription Error c/o Kirby Hall address.
Monumental inscription errors should be reported to or in writing toMonumental Inscription Error c/o Kirby Hall address.

Please be aware that NORS requires a separate login, same user name as this website but possibly differing password as issued. It is not necessary to login to this NFHS website if only intention is to use NORS.

Before beginning a search of the NORS database, it is recommended that Society Members familiarise themselves with the User Guides and the Frequently Asked Questions, this will ensure best results are obtained..

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