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Norfolk Online Record Search (NORS)

Welcome to the NORS User Guide

The NORS database provides access by means of a Surname Search facility to those Parish Register Transcripts and Memorial Inscriptions held by the Society.

The NORS database provides access to Members for performing a search of an individual ancestor, based on a known Surname. It is also possible to narrow the search to a particular Forename (including variations) and a date range.

NORS does not permit full viewing of ALL entries for a particular parish register, nor perform a search for all surnames beginning with 'A' , 'B', 'C', etc.

How to Search the NORS database

There are four ways to search the database, either by Browsing Records, performing a Quick Search, Find a Person advanced search or by Find a Source advanced search .

Browse Records

'Browse Records' provides a general overview of which parish registers are available in the database. This then enables searching for a specific Surname within a given parish register, either baptisms, burials, banns, marriages or memorial inscription. 
Follow the link to a guide for 
Browsing Records

Quick Search

'Quick Search' provides a means of gauging which parishes contain more instances of a given Surname. 
Quick Search is more useful when dealing with an unusual Surname where fewer results are likely to be displayed in the search results. Quick Search is also useful when it is not known from which parish an ancestor came.
Follow the link to a guide for using Quick Search

Find a Person advanced search

'Find a Person' advanced search enables a more precise search either by allowing search for variations on a Surname, by restricting a search to a given Forename (including variations) and / or to a given date range.
Follow the link to a guide for using Find a Person

Find a Source advanced search

'Find a Source' advanced search enables searching for any word or phrase, Parish name, Event, Location, etc but NOT a person name, however, this then enables searching for a specific Surname within the results.
Follow the link to a guide for using Find a Source

Frequently Asked Questions

Logging in to NORS and managing the Account
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What's Available in the Members Area
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Searching the database
Non-members may view a summary of resources by browsing which records are available but only society members can search the database.

Details for joining the Norfolk Family History Society can be found under the menu ' Join'.