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Norfolk Online Record Search (NORS)
User Guide

How to Search the NORS database using Quick Search

Quick Search: This facility is located in the top left corner of the screen.

A Quick Search will search Surnames but does not search First Names or other fields such as Maiden Names.
Quick Search defaults to an EXACT search so only those records which contain an exact match for the Surname entered will be displayed, it is therefore most useful when searching for an unusual surname as there are likely to be only few entries displayed in search results. 
Quick Search also provides a means of gauging which parishes contain more instances of a given Surname as the number of matching entries from each parish is displayed alongside each Source.

NORS Quick Search

A minimum of 3 alpha characters must be entered in Quick Search. 
Any non-alpha characters, such as % or * wildcards will cause Quick Search to fail.
For common surnames and for more selective research it may be better to use the Find a Person Search option  as this enables filtering results to a certain date range, forename and variations of surname.