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Frequently Asked Questions 2
What is available on the NORS website and general questions

Q1: What's available in the Members Area of NORS ?
A: The Members Area of NORS will provide online access to Parish Register Transcripts and Monumental Inscriptions held by the Society, that is NORS provides a searchable database of Banns, Baptisms, Burials, Marriages and Inscriptions held at the Society's Kirby Hall headquarters.
Q2: What's not available in the Members Area ? 
A: We have limited resources available to transcribe original records and upload them to NORS. Therefore, not all Parish Register Transcripts held at Kirby Hall library are available online at present. This is a long-term project and work to populate the NORS database is ongoing, with records continually being added. 
There is no intention at this stage to include scanned copies of original transcripts or other documents in the database.
In addition to Parish Transcripts the Society holds a wide collection of other resources, such as Wills and Census data. Over time it is hoped to provide Members with access to this additional material via the NORS website. However, currently this information is only available at the Society's Kirby Hall library.

Q3: How can I check which parish transcripts have been added to the database ?
A: A list of the parish transcripts that have been uploaded to the NORS database can be viewed by clicking on the link in the left hand navigation menu entitled 'What's On This Site'. There are 2 views: 'Sources' and 'Datasets'. These views provide a similar overview of records uploaded to the database but only the 'Datasets' themselves are available to Members. (You need to be logged in to view Datasets).
Please be patient if viewing 'What's On This Site' - The list is large - and growing - reflecting the number of parishes in Norfolk (over 750). 
If you are looking for records for a specific Parish it will probably be quicker to use the 'Browse Records' menu in the lower left hand menu. This list is divided alphabetically. Clicking on the + | - boxes will expand the menu to show individual parishes and registers (baptisms, burials, banns and marriages) available. 

Q4: Why can't I view any transcripts relating to Parish Registers dated after 1930 ?
A: In the interests of preserving the privacy for living individuals and/or their family (in the case of burials) on the transcripts to 1930 are available online. Transcripts relating to records from 1931 and later may be available to view in print or on our computers at Kirby Hall.

Q5: What do I do if I think I have found an error in the transcripts ?
A: Please send an email to or in writing to NORS Error c/o Kirby Hall address giving full details of the potential error. The online transcript will be checked against the original transcript and corrected on NORS if found to be incorrect. 

Q6: How can I donate my own transcript to the Members Area for the benefit of other Members ?
A: Each transcript goes through a vigorous process of checking before it is uploaded to the website. Only those parish registers available at Kirby Hall library are made available online. If you wish to donate your own transcript or assist with the Norfolk Parish Register Transcription project then please contact the Transcripts Organiser

Q7: I have transcribed records for a parish. Why is my name not credited on NORS ?
A:  We apologise for any omission. Please send an email to or in writing to Transcript Organiser c/o Kirby Hall address and we will update the website to credit your work in transcribing a parish register.
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